Inside The Ropes Wrestling Almanac 1989-90

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For the first time ever, the Inside The Ropes Wrestling Almanac goes back in time to fill the gaps in wrestling history, starting with full coverage of 1989, one of the most fascinating years in wrestling!

At over 250-pages, the 1989 ITR Almanac is your ultimate source for all wrestling facts and stats!

Features in the 1989 edition include:

  • Comprehensive television results from the WWF, NWA, USWA, GLOW and Stampede Wrestling that you will not find anywhere else.
  • In-depth television records and career histories for every notable wrestler of the era.
  • Match star ratings for every major supercard from 1980-1989, including for the first time Saturday Night's Main Event, The Main Event and Clash Of The Champions!
  • Reviews of the major supercards of the year from Findlay Martin.
  • Full match listings for every VHS release of the era from the WWF, NWA, AWA, MACW, AJW, WWC and many more.
  • Every notable title of the era chronicled.
  • All of the major news stories from 1989 in detail.
  • Notable house show results.
  • Month by month roster breakdowns.
  • Exclusive television ratings for WWF Prime Time Wrestling, WWE All-American Wrestling, WWF Saturday Night's Main Event, WWF The Main Event, NWA World Championship Wrestling, NWA Main Event, NWA Power Hour and NWA Clash Of The Champions.