The Wrestling Yearbook 1993 [FORMERLY ITR ALMANAC]

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The Inside The Ropes Wrestling Almanac is back - redesigned and with a new name!

Now known as The Wrestling Yearbook, with a new larger paper size for ease of use (previous editions will be re-released in this format for collectors who want their collection to be consistent, all future editions will follow this same format also), this 330-page classic 1993 edition is our best yet.

The Wrestling Yearbook is the sport’s foremost book of record, faithfully chronicling
decades of tradition and evolution.

The 1993 edition is the second in our retro series of yearbooks, in which we go back and document a classic year in wrestling history in painstaking detail. Our goal is to ensure that the rich history of our great sport does not become lost to time, and lives on eternally via the written word.

Revamped with a new format that makes The Wrestling Yearbook easier to use than ever, the 1993 edition is crammed with facts, figures, records and statistics. Included within:

  • The biggest news stories of the year
  • Complete television results from WWF, WCW, ECW, USWA and SMW
  • 1993 supercard reviews from Findlay Martin and Justin Henry
  • Comprehensive television ratings
  • Title histories for all major promotions of the era
  • Major arena and international results
  • Over 200 in-depth wrestler bios, featuring career records, title histories, family ties, statistics and detailed 1993 match records
  • Expanded historical tournament records
  • At-a-glace five-star match guides from Dave Meltzer, Scott Keith and The Wrestling Yearbook
  • Historic award winners
  • Comprehensive WWF VHS match listings and tape ratings, from 1985-1993
  • Massively expanded and revamped Historical Shows section featuring results from over 1,000 worldwide cards from the 1900s through to 1993, ratings for hundreds of major cards, and thousands of matches reviewed
  • Extensive In Memoriam section tracking the wrestlers no longer with us from the 1800s through to 1993, with detailed obituaries for those who passed this year