The Wrestling Observer Yearbook 1997 [DIGITAL]

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For the first time ever, Dave Meltzer's famous Wrestling Observer Newsletter is available as both a print and digital book.

The first of the series revisits all of the major wrestling and MMA stories from 1997 (all condensed into handy chapters for ease of reference), including:

- The Montreal Screwjob
- Shawn Michaels loses his smile
- ECW arrives on pay-per-view
- Vader arrested in Kuwait
- Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels backstage brawl
- Ken Shamrock signs from the WWF
- Riki Choshu retires
- WWF vs. WCW: The Battle of Los Angeles
- The death of Plum Mariko
- Arn Anderson retires
- AJW goes bankrupt
- Tod Gordon leaves ECW
- Randy Couture beats Vitor Belfort
- WCW breaks records
- Fan riots
- The Demise of the USWA

Plus business analysis, supercard summaries, PPV drawing cards, and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards